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screenshots of a page with flash of default theme
Sep 13, 2020

Avoid Flash of Default Theme: An Implementation of Dark Mode in React App

Have you ever visited a page and experienced a flash of light mode before transitioning into dark mode? In this article, I shared my experience implementing dark mode without the undesired flash of default theme.

Instagram Filter Clone
Jun 29, 2020

Recreating Instagram Filter Functionality with CSS and Canvas APIs

Recreating UI components has always led me to interesting unknown web APIs. In this article, I want to share my recent clone of the Instagram Filter page which turned out to be much simpler than I expected.

Image with RGB Splitting Effect Applied
Jun 27, 2020

RGB Splitting Effect with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript

In this article, I explain how an RGB splitting effect can be done with HTML5 canvas and JavaScript to those who are new to image processing on the web.

Next.js blog with RSS
Jun 25, 2020

Generate Sitemap and RSS for Vercel Next.js App with Dynamic Routes

In this article, I share how I create a sitemap and RSS for my Next.js blog. The tricky part is to deal with Next.js dynamic routes and serialize contents. Applicable if you are using MDX or CMS.

GROQ and custom figure field in Sanity
Jun 22, 2020

Create a Custom Figure Block in Sanity that Supports Lazy Loading Effect

In this article, I will share how I created a custom figure block in Sanity, and leverage its image pipeline to power my lazy loading image component.

Lazy loading image in Medium
Jun 21, 2020

Create a Lazy-Loading Image Component with React Hooks

In this article, I will share what it takes to create a lazy loading image effect and how I created a LazyImage component in React.